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"You cannot escape the responsibility, of tomorrow by

evading it today."

~Abraham Lincoln

About Us

Empowering lawyers for the business of law.

Radical Bench is a transforming place of possibilities. We provide attorney development and retention services to prepare lawyers for the business of law and equip them with strategies and tools for excelling in law and life. Our ideal clients are law firms, corporations, and governments looking to improve attorney productivity and retention.

Our esteemed team of professionals include experienced lawyers who have worked in Big Law, government, and in-house, and certified master professional life coaches who serve lawyers. We have all managed people and projects in business, nonprofit, and law. That means we understand your business exceptionally well and can save you time and money resolving your most pressing challenges around attorney development and retention. 

You do so much already. Don’t be the lawyer who represents yourself when it comes to attorney development and retention. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. It’s also never a bad idea to evaluate how effective you’ve been at doing things the way it’s always been done. Bottom line is your bottom line doesn’t have to take a hit while you strive to become proficient at the administrative aspects of your business that we can do better than you. Allow us to help you focus on what you do best, while we help you with the rest. 

Firms & Corporations

Government & Nonprofits

Lawyers & Leaders

Our Services

Is the B- word (business, get your mind out the gutter) causing your partners’ extra anxiety? 

Hire Radical Bench and invest in the development of partners you want. Denying the anxiety lawyers feel about business development is not healthy. Neither is the magical thinking that they will just figure it out, on their own, in time. Our magical thinking that the lawyers we train to work or the ones we encourage to be rainmakers will automatically evolve into good managers instead of toxic ones is not healthy either. Denial and magical thinking are costing you more than women Associates walking out the door, they are costing you time and money. Let us help you pick up some of that money you are losing (and help retain some of your talent too).

Helping you focus on what you do best. Hire Radical Bench and you can stop asking your rainmakers to split their time between bringing in the clients and mentoring Associates. Save time, money, and frustration while providing your Associates the attention they need to become future rainmakers and your current rainmakers the time they need to grow their business and yours. Let us do your Associates development plans and one-on-ones. Let us coach your team on time management, business development, and wellness. Imagine how much more you will accomplish with our help.

Spare your team another boring rerun of stories they have already heard. Hire Radical Bench for engaging presentations on subjects of interest to your team and the legal profession. You will save money and time because you will pay Radical Bench less than the cost of the time it will take your partner to put a “decent” PowerPoint together, present to your Associates, wait around to answer questions, and have brown-nosers interrupt their important client-related work later. And we didn’t even mention the opportunity cost of all that partner’s time– new business.

You’re an adult now. You don’t have to sit through boring courses to check off credits. Radical Bench produces engaging courses on ethics, wellness, mental health, and business development. Getting credits doesn’t have to be mind-numbing. Let us design customized CLEs that meet your business and attorney needs for in-person, virtual, or on demand learning.

How much do you really care about your team? Hire Radical Bench to plan an effective Wellness Retreat that reminds your team how much you care about them as people first. Wellness is more than the latest buzzword. It’s about choosing life over a fast-paced death (because dead lawyers can’t bill). Seriously though, prioritizing wellness is a must in a profession known for stress, anxiety, depression, negativity, endangerment, sickness, and suicide (SADNESS). Let us help you invest in your team’s wellness.

Our Team

Samantha Divine Jallah
JD, MBA, Master Certified Professional Life Coach

A Marquis Who’s Who Listee, licensed Attorney, Certified Master Professional Life Coach, and former executive, Samantha has 20 years experience in healthcare, banking, management, nonprofit, and law. Her legal practice spans in-house, private practice, public service in the fifth-most populous state, and internships at Coca-Cola and the Superior Court of Delaware.

She formerly served on the Pennsylvania Governor’s Judicial Advisory Commission, the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board, and the Geisinger Health System Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council. Her writings have been published by the American Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Inns of Court, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. She has presented at TEDx (Geisinger School of Medicine), The Coca-Cola Company, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Office of General Counsel, American Association of University Women (Carlisle, PA), Pennsylvania Bar Institute Health Law Institute, and at numerous institutions of higher education. 

Born in Liberia, West Africa, she relocated to America to escape the Liberian Civil Wars. Samantha has since resided in six states, living in suburban, urban, and rural America. She has been married to her college sweetheart for over 18 years and they are the proud parents of two daughters.

Lived There. Done That.

What People Say About Our Founder

“Sam enjoys unifying teams and identifying individual talent to contribute to the organization’s goals. She encourages new ideas and develops a strategy to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the teams she works with. She is committed to serving others and attracting and retaining talented people with diverse capabilities.” ~Cathy (Banking Vice President)

“She is curious, enthusiastic, bright, passionate, dedicated, and has the ‘get up and go’ attitude to finish what she starts. She has solid ideas and is able to effectively articulate them.  I believe she is one of those who will make a difference in people’s lives not only because of who she is, but because she will be prepared to do so.” ~Rick (Retired College Professor)
“Samantha has an uncanny ability to infuse light and clarity into whatever topic I bring to the conversation. She helps me see what needs to happen, and a way forward through my challenges. I especially appreciate the way she creates such a positive, safe space for me to be open and vulnerable without judgment. My coaching sessions with Samantha help me to show up more intentionally in my life and I always feel better after a session with her.” ~Mindy (Professional Certified Coach)
“Her wisdom, honesty, and accountability encouraged me to let go of the invisible pressures that I’ve put on myself throughout my professional journey.  With thoughtful, soul-piercing questions, Samantha helped me to evaluate my thoughts and actions to break free from everything that no longer serves me. Now as I walk into a new chapter of my life, I feel freer and lighter than ever!” ~Erika (Medical Doctor)
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